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What Are Aluminum Blinds Slats?
Nov 06, 2020

What Are Aluminum Blinds Slats?


Aluminum blinds slats are modern and contemporary in design and will make a stunning addition to any room. The slats can be fully tilted allowing you full control over light and privacy, alternatively they can be stacked up allowing you a full window view. Locally and environmentally, these balcony window blinds maximise internal light and thermal comfort levels whilst allowing external views to be maintained.

aluminum slat

Our aluminum slat using a powder coating process, the surface is formed with a waterproof and mildeproof protective coating for durability. Aluminum blind is mainly composed of aluminum alloy. Aluminum blind is rustless, flame resistant, well ventilative, and easy to clean. Our vertical blind slats has more than 230 Pantone colors and various types for you to choose. It can match any style of decoration.

aluminum slats_02

aluminum slatS

Whether you trend toward classic traditional decor or modern design, our aluminum venetian blinds complete the look. Windows slats blinds are widely used in office buildings, apartment, school, villas, hotels, hosipitals and other places.  Its the best choose for you to change atmosphere and taste .

Blind Wood Slats Install:

inside mount

blinds width=window width - 5mm

blinds height=window height

depth mustat least 70mm

outside mount

blinds width=window width + 100mm

blinds height=window height + 200mm


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