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What are the advantages of plastic pallets applications?
Sep 06, 2017

What are the advantages of plastic pallets applications? 

1, plastic pallets in the carrying capacity of the area 

Plastic pallets selection HDPE plastic extrusion molding, carrying capacity to strong, dynamic load can reach 2 tons to 3 tons, static load can reach 8 tons. 

2, plastic pallets in the corrosion-resistant aspects 

Plastic palletss in many occasions are have a strong use of value, HDPE raw materials more stable chemical properties, useful to prevent the degree of corrosion. 

3, plastic pallets in the life of the area 

Plastic pallets is made of HDPE as the main raw material, and must be 100% new material, the service life is generally more than 10 years, and in extremely harsh environment to work properly.

4, plastic pallets in the application of professional aspects 

Plastic palletss are particularly suitable for stacking work, heavy cargo loading, such as railway freight yard, chemical industry, petrochemical career, feed occupation, bags of goods, the accumulation of irregular shape and exceptionally harsh environment, regardless of summer in the hotest area outside Still the coldest areas of winter outdoor, are the same to achieve outstanding performance.

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