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What are the Precautions for Using Plastic Mulch?
Nov 08, 2019

Due to the cold weather, many people use plastic mulch film when planting. Use plastic mulch film after sowing so that seeds can germinate as soon as possible. After germination, the mulch film is removed, or the buds are directly broken mulch film, or use artificial help to grow plants from the mulch film.


The mulch film can maintain soil temperature, reduce water evaporation, control weed growth, and reduce a variety of pests and diseases. So what are the precautions for using plastic mulch?


一、Plastic mulch film is tightly attached the plant

Many people think that plastic mulch film is tightly attached to the plant, can keep the plant warm. In fact, this is wrong. Because after covering plastic film, the temperature inside the film is high, and water in soil evaporates to form small water drops.

These water drops are gathered under the mulch film, without place to go, and will continue to flow down the plants. Therefore, the place of plant growth it is easy to form an environment with high humidity and high temperature.


In this case, plants are prone to disease. Therefore, after plant grows out, the mulch film holes can be slightly enlarged to prevent plants from causing pests and diseases.



二、Film tightly attached to the ground

Believe many beginner will make such a mistake.In this way, soil can't breathable. Especially after watering, water is difficult to evaporate and will accumulate in the soil, affecting roots breathing.


Therefore, when covering the film, a small bracket can be placed at intervals of several tens centimeters, make the soil more ventilated.

三、Film cover time

Usually, after the planted for half a month, then consider whether to cover plastic film according to the specific weather conditions.

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