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What are the Types of Dustbin?
Oct 30, 2019

We throw a lot of rubbish every day, so we can't leave the dustbin. What are the types of dustbin?

Waste bin can be divided into public waste bin and household waste bin according to the use occasion. According to the form of garbage, it can be divided into independent waste container and classified waste container. According to the materials, it can be divided into plastic dustbin, stainless steel dustbin, ceramic dustbin, wooden dustbin, etc.

X Dustbin 10

According to the use occasion:

1. Public dustbin

Special requirements for environment: It can withstand high and low temperature under natural outdoor conditions, and has sufficient mechanical strength and good impact toughness. Easy to clean and fusion with the environment. Suitable for street, shopping mall, school, residential area, etc.

2. Household dustbin

Mainly used in the bathroom and kitchen.

Kitchen and the bathroom are best to use the tightly closed garbage bin. Even use an open garbage bin with a plastic bag, you must tighten the bag, and need to throw away the garbage every day, so as to prevent the emission of mold and odor.

dust bin

3. Medical dustbin

It is used to store a variety of disused medical items.

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