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What are the Use of Aluminium Blind Slat Coil/Roll?
Feb 19, 2020

Aluminium blind slat coil/roll made of high quality aluminum alloy. Aluminium blind slat is rustless, flame resistant, well ventilative, and easy to clean. It has good stability, strong tensity, and durability.

Aluminium Blind Slat

Our aluminium blind slats has more than 230 Pantone colors and various types for you to choose. It can match any style of decoration. Whether you trend toward classic traditional decor or modern design, our aluminum venetian blinds complete the look.

We can meet the various customers's requirements. Its the best choose for you to change atmosphere and taste. Widely used in office buildings, apartment, school, villas, hotels, hosipitals and other places.

Aluminium Blind Slat 4Aluminium Blind Slat 1Aluminium Blind Slat 3

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