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What Classifications of Pallets?
Jun 10, 2019

Pallet can be categorized according to different standard, such as according to application scope, service life, materials and so on. This article mainly shares the classification according to pallet structure.

1、Flat pallet

Flat pallet are mainly made of wood, but also steel, plastic, composite materials, etc. It has a wide range of applications, generally divided into single-sided use, double-sided use, two-way fork entry, four-way fork entry and so on.


2、Post Pallet


It is a pallet with four posts mounted on a flat pallet, the purpose of installing post is to protect the lowermost cargo from damage when there is no shelf stacking. Usually column can be removed, height is 1.2 meters. Commonly used steel materials pallet can load 3 tons of cargo.

3、Box Pallet


It is a box storage equipment transformed from a flat pallet. Generally divided into detachable, fixed and foldable. This pallet is easy to transport and prevents collapse. It is mainly suitable for loading vegetables, fruits, auto parts, chemical products and so on.

4、Wheel pallet


It is a pallet with four wheels mounted under flat pallet. Wheeled pallets are mainly suitable for handling operations and easy to move and transport.


Pallet can effectively protect the goods and reduce damage of items. It can adapt to the requirements of ports and mechanized operations, speed up loading and unloading, speed transportation, and reduce labor worker intensity.

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