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What Is An Air Root Pot – How Does Air Pruning Work
Feb 26, 2020

Air root pot suitable for growing flower, vegetable, herb, tree, etc. indoors and outdoors.



What is air pruning? We often ask this question. Air pruning is the term used to describe the natural pruning process of container plants when the roots come into contact with the air.

Root Control Container-3-ali

Air pruning roots is an effective way to promote root health in potted plants. If your plants in containers seem sickly, it may be due to any number of root problems caused by uneven or overgrown roots. Air pruning containers create a  quality and healthy environment for roots that makes for a stronger plant and easier transplanting.


In nature, plant’s roots can grow wherever they please. In a container, there’s a firm border to their growth space. Because of this, the roots will butt up against the wall and often continue to grow along it, creating the root-bound spiral shape so common in potted plants. The roots grow thick and intertwined, inhibiting nutrient and water access and possibly eventually strangling the plant.

air root pot

Air pruning containers, however, stop the root’s growth at the wall of the container so that instead of wrapping around the wall, it sends out offshoots along its length, creating a stronger, more dispersed structure with many more root tips for accessing water and nutrients. This is the ideal root structure for potted plants.

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