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what is grafting
May 16, 2017

what is grafting for tomatoes

Grafting, one of the artificial breeding methods of plants. That is, a plant branches or buds, grafted to another plant stem or root, so that together the two parts grow into a complete plant. Grafting method is divided into leather and buds. The scion should then be tightly joined to the forming layer of the rootstock to ensure that the scion is alive. The branches or buds, called scion, are taken from the plant, called the rootstock or the wood. Scion is usually selected with 2 to 4 buds of the seedlings, grafted to become the top of the plant or the top; rootstock grafted after the root part of the plant.

Grafting clip: used to fix scion and stock. For grafting watermelon, cucumber, eggplant, fruits and vegetables, seedlings and so on.

Garfting clips for cucumber.jpg

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