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What kind of plastic turnover box is durable?
Nov 01, 2017

What kind of plastic turnover box is durable?

Plastic turnover box is widely used in China's industrial and agricultural fields, according to the characteristics of the industry can be divided into: general and enhanced two, reinforced box is based on Korean box research and development of new products, then what kind of plastic turnover box Sturdy?

Plastic turnover box products in addition to the main and the most important raw materials related to the production, but also with the distribution of the box-related reinforcement. The stronger the ribs, the stronger the support of the box, because many small manufacturers in the mold research and development capacity is not enough, the product mold design is unreasonable, the production of plastic box products do not meet the requirements, often damaged or even fall Happening. Large manufacturers in the development of molds are fully demonstrated by the market, so the finished product is more durable.

In addition to the above factors, but also with the customer to use the scene and maintenance. Plastic turnover box should be avoided directly in the sun exposure, do not exceed the manufacturer approved the load-bearing range.

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