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What Plants are Easy to Cultivate?
Feb 24, 2020

一. Anthurium

Showy flowers give bright color for eight weeks or more each year to anthurium (Anthurium andraeanum, also known as flamingo flower). Flowers typically are red, from blooming to withering, it become beige, milky white, green, and yellow, which has great ornamental value. Suitable growth temperature is 26-32℃.


二. Aloe

Aloe is an easy-care succulent, has distinctive elongated leaves that fan out in a vase shape from a central base. Its spiky leaves certainly look cool, and they'll really thrive on your desk or bedside table. Suitable growth temperature is 20-30 ℃.


三. Arrowhead Vine

The arrowhead plant is well suited for being grown alone or in a mixed planting. As the plant grows and ages, however, it will begin to sprout vines. For this reason, we encourage you to grow it in a hanging basket, where the vines can truly flourish and drape in full view. It can also be planted on a pole or trellis to offer support.

Arrowhead Vine

四. Chinese Evergreen

As one of the most popular houseplants around, the Chinese evergreen is a tough little guy, known as one of the most durable houseplants you can grow.

Chinese Evergreen

五. Spider Plant

Ignore this terrible name, this is one of the friendliest and most popular plants for any home! Incredibly adaptable. Spider plants will only need well-drained soil and bright, indirect light to grow fine.

Spider Plant

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