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What Precautions for Transplanting Plants From One Pot To Another?
Apr 22, 2019

It is forbidden to change flower pots during florescence and high temperature. The following are precautions for replacing the flower pot:

1. First, prepare the flower pot and seedling, the flower pot is about a circle larger than the seedling.


2. In the bottom of the pot of the new flower pot, put a mesh-like thing on the small hole to prevent soil loss or insects from entering.


3. In order to maintain drainage and breathability, place 1/5 pebbles or ceramsite at the bottom of the flower pot.


4. Add nutrient soil to the 1/3 of the pot, you need to choose the soil with better drainage and water retention.


5. Add a little slow release fertilizer as the base fertilizer.


6. After mixing the culture soil and the fertilizer, pour it into the flower pot, to ensure that there is a certain isolation zone between flowers and fertilizer, prevent fertilizer damage seedling.


7. Use the flower pot before the replacement, compare it with the new flower pot, and stop adding the soil slightly lower than the new flower pot.


8. Hold the stem of plant with your fingertips, taking care not to damage stem.


9. Extend your finger from the bottom and gently push the seedling out.


10. Slightly trim the root winding section.


11. Without breaking the roots and the soil, gently panasonic roots and soil.


12. Put the new seedling in the center of flower pot, ensure that the seedling do not tilt and add soil.


13. Use chopsticks or a small stick to gently press the seedlings.


14. Add a little bit of soil until the 1-2 cm of flower pot edge, remaining space is reserved for watering.


15. Watering to stabilize the roots, then place them in scattered sunlight for 2-3 days. If it is autumn or winter, put it under the warm sun.


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