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What’s The Air Pruning Pot And Where To Buy Air Pruning Pot?
Sep 18, 2020

What's The Air Pruning Pot And Where To Buy Air Pruning Pot?


What's the air plant pot?

In nature, a plant's roots can grow wherever they please. In a container, of course, there's a firm border to their growth space. Because of this, the roots will butt up against the wall and often continue to grow along it, creating the root-bound spiral shape so common in potted plants. The roots grow thick and intertwined, inhibiting nutrient and water access and possibly eventually strangling the plant.


Air pruning containers shape guides each root towards a hole where the increase of air in the soil dehydrates the tip, naturally pricking it and stimulating roots to emerge from the stem. As each new root follows the same path to the hole, the process repeats itself, and the plant quickly develops a mass of fibrous roots that are grouted outward. This allows plants to absorb more nutrients and water, which stimulates faster growth. The result is healthier plants, more beautiful and more fertile.

air plant pot

Root Control Technology helps good managers to manage trees accurately.

Beautifully and elegant air pruning pots, attractive color.

We can make any size you need. It's a custom product.

air root pot

What's the advantages of air root pot?

1. Smart design of "air-pruning" effect to enhances the root system of plants and trees.

2. Root pruning produces healthier root structure; Eliminate root circling.

3. A unique feature of ours is the base support legs on the larger sizes.

4. It can be cutted into any sizes to meet different demands.

5. Reduces growing time,Faster Growth and Larger harvests.


blueberry-air pot

Where to buy air grow pot?

Xi'an Yubo provides 1-103 gallon root control pots, accept custom color, size, package, etc. Our root control pots are known for high quality and competitive prices. Welcome to email to info@yubocorp.com to learn more!

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