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What's The Meaning Of Grafting?
Apr 26, 2019

1、Maintain and develop excellent seed characteristics

The bud or branch on excellent variety are grafted on rootstocks with affinity. Plants grown from scions can maintain excellent characteristics of rootstock and scion, growth results are neat and consistent, forming asexual reproduction varieties with high economic value.


2、Achieve early fruit harvest

Plant use seeds for reproduction, since the seeds grow after germination, they must grow and develop to a certain age to enter flowering stage, so harvest period is relatively late.


Grafting scions are branches and buds taken from adult tree, graft them on rootstock, after survival the branch have already developed the characteristics of adult trees, so early results can be achieved.


3、Change tree shape

Grafting technology can be used to improve the shape of tree, and it can also make trees grow taller and  stronger, beautify garden.


4、Improve resistance

Improve plant resistance, grafting methods can use rootstocks to improve plant's ability to resist drought, cold resistance, salt and alkali and resist pests and diseases.


5、Saving inferior plants

Cut off bad branches or buds, retain good quality rootstocks, grafting technology is used to graft additional high quality branches or buds onto high quality rootstocks.


Some valuable fruit trees or ancient tree the main branch or root is damaged by pests and diseases, which may cause the barks to rot. If not rescued in time, it may cause tree death. Grafting method is used to re-connect the upper and lower barks to save the tree.


6、Rapid seedling

Grafting is the most important method of asexual reproduction. It can shorten the seedling period and improve production.


Grafting technology play an important role in every field of seedling propagation.

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