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What's the Precautions for Plastic Turnover Containers?
Sep 25, 2019

As everyone knows, plastic turnover boxes are widely used as storage and transportation tool. Many production companies are using plastic turnover box to transfer finished products, semi-finished products, parts and so on.


Turnover box are available in many standard sizes. When choosing the size of plastic turnover box, the company should first determine its own application requirements in order to choose the most suitable turnover box. If there are many types of goods to be placed, you need to choose the appropriate plastic turnover container according to the product.

plastic turnover box


Logistics box made of plastic material and is flammable, so we need to keep it away from fire source, ensure the safety of logistics box and contents.


The load-bearing capacity of plastic storage box is fixed. When using the plastic storage box for goods transportation, the goods cannot exceed the maximum load capacity of box, otherwise it will be damaged due to overload.


Plastic crates have high toughness and wear resistance, as well as hardness and brittleness standards. We should regulate use plastic crates and not maliciously destroy them. Please don't put the plastic crates under the sunlight for a long time. The strong sunlight will make the plastic crates quickly age and shorten the service life.

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