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What's The Principle Of Air Root Pot Seedling Technology?
May 06, 2019

Air root pot consists of base, sidewall and screw. The base is designed to prevent root rot and main root entanglement. Side walls are concave and convex, and small holes at the outer wall top have the function of “air pruning”, which promotes seedling healthy and quickly growth.


The inner wall of the air root pot has a special coating. Side wall of the container is concave and convex, the top of protrusion outside has small holes, when the plant roots grow outward and downward, touching the air (small holes in sidewalls) or any part of the inner wall, the root tip stop growing, implement "air pruning" and inhibit unwanted root growth. Air root pot can make lateral root shape short and thick, close to the natural growth shape, prevent root circling.


Air root pot seedling technology can be used to cultivate a variety of flowers and trees, such as osmanthus, magnolia, stump rose, pomegranate and so on. It enables plants to shorten the growth period and has all the advantages of "air pruning", transportation and transplantation are also very convenient.

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