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What Should You Pay Attention To When Use Air Root Pot?
Aug 12, 2019

Air root pot can control the seedling roots growth. We know, once seedlings are well developed, many problems will be solved. For example, big tree transplants and anti-season planting problems, etc., can be solved very well. But what should you pay attention to when use air root pot?


一、Front and back
Does air root container have front and back? The answer is yes. It consists of base, sidewall and screws. Side with the small holes on the top faces is outward, other side faces is inward


二、 Watering
One of the features plastic air root pot is that surrounded by small holes. So the water easily flows out of small holes, surface is wet, many places below are dry.


If you want to solve this problem, you need to prepare nutrient soil. The nutrient soil must be two or more kinds of substrate, and mixture of better breathability and water permeability is prepared according to certain ratio. This is beneficial to both root growth and water fertilizer absorption.


Note: When watering, until the water naturally seeps out from air root container bottom, can be called watering thoroughly.

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