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Which Plants Are Suitable for Gallon Pots?
May 24, 2019

Common flower pots include plastic pots, ceramic pots, gallon pots and so on. Gallon pots looks succinct and generous, is mainly divided into two materials, injection molding and blow molding, feature are large and deep, which can well maintain the moisture of the soil in the pot, suitable for planting flowers and trees.


Gallon pots water retention is very good and it is very helpful for plants, bottom drain hole prevents plant roots from rot due to excessive water accumulation, wide bases are designed for stable upright habit of tall nursery stock. The general gallon pots are suitable for woody plants, allowing their roots to stretch, make it bloom beautiful flowers.

Usually gallon pot can be used to plant roses, tulip, orchid, etc. Gallon pots are different in size, if you need to plant some small flowers, you can put ceramsite or pebbles on the bottom, can control the humidity in the basin, avoid plant root rot in the pot.

The gallon pot is easy to move and transport, and it is very durable, can promote the plant to grow better and lush.

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