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Why are Plastic Folding Fruit Crates Very Popular? (Share Customer Feedback)
Apr 08, 2020

We have a customer who always uses carton packaging, but the carton is easily damaged and cannot be reused, so the cost is higher.

Plastic fruit crates

Customer said:

When using the carton, someone needs to seal the carton with seal tape, and carton can't be used after several times.

Use plastic folding crates can be opened and used within one or two seconds, saving space and very convenient. Received unanimous praise from frontline employees.

First time I used folding crates, felt very neat and beautiful, and the whole vegetable area is full of freshness.

folding crates

Plastic fruit crates are recyclable, hygienic and easy to clean. Folding height is only 75mm, which can effectively reduce cost of storage and transportation of empty boxes. After testing, folding crate contains no impurities and meet the food grade requirements.

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