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Why choose our gallon pots?
Jul 17, 2020

Green, safe, non-toxic and harmless to plants and humans; cute, plant-friendly flower pots are small and light, easy to store and carry; but durable enough to use for a long time and achieve your purpose.


Suitable for growing most small and medium plants, such as herbs, peace lilies, succulents, orchids, etc.

gallon pot

Why waste your money on flimsy, brittle nursery pots?  Our gallon pots are designed for repeated use and abuse. Custom gallon pot is very durable, has good toughness, resistance to extrusion, no deformation, no damage.

Plastic nursery pot is sturdy and durable, even if you twist, it will not break or tear off. Super strength for wide range of nursery applications.

Flower pot tray to promote the cleanliness of surrounding environment. We provide customized logo to show your brand.

Custom gallon pots are perfect for bringing natural greenery and bright style.

If you need gallon pots, please contact us, we will bring you a satisfactory shopping experience.

gallon pot (2)

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