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why choose the Deep root seed starting trays to plant
Dec 08, 2016

Why choose the deep root seed starting trays to plant

50T cells plastic seed tray, suitable plant tree, vegetable. 

Hole deeper, more air in the matrix, it is conducive to ventilation, leaching salt and ventilation, is conducive to root growth.

Deep-root seed starters have big cells with lots of rooting area to form transplants that grow faster than they would in regular cell packs.



Product Detail:

1.Tray size:540*280(mm)

2.Cell hight:110(mm)

3.Cell sytle: Square

4.Cell volume:100(cc)

5.Thickness: 1.2,1.5,1.7 mm

6.Weight: 185g

Product Features:

1.Hole shape to quadrilateral inverted trapezoid is appropriate, so conducive to guide the root downward stretch.

2.The deeper cavities provide a more favorable condition for matrix drainage and ventilation.

3.With holes among the cell for Ventilation that keep plant leaves dry and prevent disease.

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