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Why Cover Plastic Mulch Film?
Dec 20, 2019

Role of plastic mulch film:
1. Increase soil temperature

Plastic mulch film has effect of increase ground temperature and keep moisture in spring and winter. The temperature of plastic mulch film soil cultivation layer is usually 2℃ to 3℃ higher than the open field, which promotes vegetables growth.

Note, different colors of plastic mulch film have different temperature increasing effects. Colorless films have the best temperature increasing effect, silver-gray films have almost no temperature increasing effect. Plastic mulch film often used in spring, autumn and winter. Pay attention to the cover time in summer, prevent ground temperature from damaging crops.

plastic film

2. Restrain soil temperature

Cover black film in summer, can restrain soil temperature from rising.

3. Increase soil nutrition

Plastic mulch film can prevent sunlight and rain, fertilizer will not be lost, increase soil temperature, and enhance plant root absorption capacity.

Due to soil temperature, improve moisture conditions, it is conducive to microbial activity, promotes decomposition of soil organic matter and minerals, increases soil nutrients. Therefore, plastic mulch film can make full use of fertilizer effect.

4. Increase sunlight effect

Reflective effect of clear plastic film and small water drops attached under plastic film, increase the ground reflected sunlight, effectively changed the lighting conditions during crop growth, increased photosynthetic intensity of vegetables, photosynthesis time is prolonged, which increases photosynthetic yield and accumulation of organic substances.

plastic mulch film

5. Promote early maturity of crops

Because plastic films regulate plant growth environment and promote plant growth, make cultivated vegetables enter the product formation period earlier, thereby increasing the total yield.

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