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Why Gallon Pot Very Popular?
May 22, 2019

Gallon pot is a vessel for planting flower, it can be divided into injection molding and blow molding according to the material. It is mainly black, which can effectively prevent sunlight and protect plant roots from healthy growth, appearance looks very simple and generous.





1. Environmentally friendly, recyclable, flexible, durable and reusable.

2. Contains anti-aging additives for long life.

3. Smooth surface for label and picture applications, help you find the plants you are looking for faster.

4. Wide rim with grip lip for easy movement and transport.

5. Rims are molded into pots top for easier stacking.

6. Bottom drain hole prevent roots from rot due to excessive moisture.

7. Wide bases are designed for stable upright habit of tall nursery.

8. Suitable for planting flower, tree, etc.

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