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Why Grafted Plants Are Very Popular?
Apr 25, 2019

Grafting is the transfer of good varieties buds or branches to another plant that is robust and adaptable to local natural conditions, making it a new good plant.



In the grafting method, branch or bud taken are called scions, and plants that receive the scions are called rootstocks. The key to grafting success lies in affinity between rootstock and scion. For example, plants grafting survival rate of the same variety and habit will be higher. In addition, when grafting, you should pay attention to the season, temperature, etc.


The advantage of grafting is to maintain the excellent quality of flowers and fruit trees. Early flowering by grafting flowers, fruit trees can be harvested in advance, and grafting can enhance cold resistance, drought resistance, prevent pests and diseases ability and improve the fruit quality of plants, etc.

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