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Why Most People Choose to Graft?
May 31, 2019

Grafting is one of the artificial propagation methods of plants. Grafting plant branch or bud onto another plant stem or root, so that two parts joined together grow into a complete plant.



Grafting benefits:


1. Enhance plant disease resistance. For example, after grafting eggplant with tomato as a rootstock, basically, can control the verticillium occurrence.

2. Improve plant low temperature tolerance, due to the developed root of the rootstock, the stress resistance is strong, grafted seedlings are obviously resistant to low temperatures.


3. Expanded root absorption range and ability, after grafting plant roots grow faster and stronger. In the same area, can absorb about 30% of nitrogen and potassium, more than 80% of phosphorus before grafting, can use soil deep layer phosphorus.

4. Conducive to increasing production. For example, tomato use late-maturing varieties as rootstocks, early-maturing varieties as scions, not only retains prematureness, but also greatly reduces the result period, increase total output.

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