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Why Most People Like to Use Seed Tray Cultivate Seedlings?
Apr 28, 2019

Whether flowers or vegetables, use seed tray to grow seedlings is the most fundamental change in modern gardening, guaranteed for fast and mass production.

 Seed tray can be divided into polystyrene foam seed tray and plastic seed tray according to different materials, plastic seed trays are more widely used.

1 Plastic seed trays are generally black, gray and white. Most growers choose to use black seed tray, because it has good absorbance and is good for seedling root development.

 Seed tray cell shape is mainly square and round, and the substrate contained in square cell is generally about 30% more than round cell, water distribution is relatively uniform, and root system of seedling is more fully developed.

 Proved by mass production practices,seed tray cultivation seedlings have the following advantages over conventional seedlings:


1.Improve working environment and facilitate manual operation. You can sit in the lounge of the greenhouse, put the seed tray on the console and plant it. After the work is completed, put it in the greenhouse.


2.Save cultivate seedlings place and reduce costs. It has many individual slots can help you utilised space efficiency by separating seeds, while allowing you to plant them together as much as possible, easy to use and manage. It can help seedlings to thrive in early growth stage, when they are large enough, to be transplanted into their own pots.


3.Easy to standardize operations. It can be planted by machine, suitable for large-scale cultivation seedlings in factory, saving labor costs and high efficiency.


4.Effectively curbed soil diseases spread. Since each cell is sprinkled with one seed at the sowing time, seedlings are separated from each other, soil disease can not spread.


5.Easy to move and transport.

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