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Why Plastic Flower Pots Are Very Popular?
May 17, 2019

I believe many friends have the habit of planting potted plants. Green plants with beautiful flower pots can add a touch of nature to your busy life in this hustle and bustle city, and it can also make people feel calm and happy.


Plastic flower pot is a beautiful decorative planting container. It looks simple and generous, made of high-quality polypropylene (PP) material that can ensure the toughest conditions and be recycled to lessen our impact on the environment.


1. Eco-friendly, lightweight, flexible, not easily deformed, durable.主图1-03


2. The dark inner layer prevents light from damaging delicate roots.


3. Smooth surface, easy to clean and label application.


4. Spiral stripe that strengthen the thickness of the pot.


5. Bottom drain hole to prevent plant roots rot due to excessive moisture.


6. Strong rims accommodate high-speed automated systems


7. Suitable for indoor, outdoor, garden, balcony, office, home.

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