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Why Use Mini Greenhouse To Grow Seedlings?
May 15, 2019

Mini-greenhouse consists of seed tray, flat tray and lid.


Using mini greenhouse can easily centralized management, saving time and effort, and it is easy and safe to use with long service life. Perfect helper for home gardeners and hobbyists.


mini greenhouse



1Heat preservation, moisture and pervious to light.


2Transparent lid can clearly see the growth of seedlings.

3Lid have the holes with black turn button that it can ventilation and regulating temperature for plants.


4Simply place nutrient rich soil in the garden grow germination trays and start to sowing the seeds.


5With drain holes at bottom of each cell for proper drainage, reduce roots oversaturating.


6Flat tray bottom has special design that will not leak water and easy to clean.


7Ideal use for succulents, tomatoes, peppers, bonsai and small plants, good helper for your garden life.

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