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Why you need a galon pot
May 11, 2017

Why you need a gallon pots?

First: These lightweight nursery containers are used in container gardening and other forms of indoor gardening, such as planting vegetables, small shrubs, perennials, flower, tree , tropical plants and so on. 

Epecially in hot, dry season transplanting will not affect the normal growth. 

The distance between plants can be easily adjusted with plant growth,

Can use the machine to carry trees to hold trees, fast, 

Easy to remove - gently squeeze the pot to release the roots.

Groove that can avoid root twining and it is better for the plant root grow down verticall,

Large drain holes at the bottom side can prevent water logging have a good absorption of light.

Click herr to find a suitable one.

black balcony big outdoor gallon flower pots for tree (31).jpg

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