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Why you should choose air root pot
Oct 16, 2017

            Why you should choose air root pot

1. root role: root control the inner wall of the container with a layer of film, and the side wall of the container, alternately

The apical end of the root has stomata, and the root tip stops growing when the root system of the seedling grows downward and touches the air (the small hole on the side wall) or any part of the inner wall, and then the root tip is in the root tip 3 new roots sprout from the posterior part and continue to grow downward. When touching the air (a small hole on the side wall) or any part of the inner wall, it stops growing and develops 3 new parts at the back of the root tip

Root. In this way, the number of roots increased by 3, greatly increasing the number of short and thick lateral roots, and the total amount of roots increased by 20 - 30 times as compared with the conventional field seedlings.

2. root control function: General seedling technology, the main root is too long, lateral root development is weak. The root twining phenomenon of seedling root is very common in the conventional container seedling raising method. The root control technology can be used

The lateral root shape is short and thick, the number of development is large, and the growth of taproot is restricted, and the winding root is not formed.

3. promoting growth process: because of the dual role of root control container and substrate, root development of seedlings is strong, and can store a large amount of nutrients to meet the growth needs of seedlings at the initial stage of colonization

It provides a good condition for the survival and rapid growth of the seedlings. When transplanting, not to hurt the roots, not beheaded, not limited by season, management procedures are simple, high survival rate, fast growth

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