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Why you should use grafting clip
Oct 30, 2017

Why you should use grafting clips

1. Enhance the plant resistance to disease. Cucumber grafted with black seed pumpkin can effectively control cucumber fusarium wilt, but also delay the occurrence of downy mildew; with CRP (eggplant), tomato rootstock grafted eggplant, basically can control the occurrence of verticillium wilt The

2. To improve plant resistance to low temperature. As the rootstock root system developed, strong resistance, grafted seedlings were significantly low temperature. Such as: with black seed pumpkin grafted cucumber at low temperature root elongation is good, in the ground temperature 12-15 ℃, temperature 6-10 ℃, the roots can still grow normally.

3. is conducive to overcome the continuous damage. Cucumber root fragile, avoid continuous cropping, solar greenhouse cultivation is extremely susceptible to soil salt and harmful substances damage, for the use of black seed pumpkin roots, can greatly reduce the soil salt and harmful substances hazards.

4. Expand the range and capacity of root absorption. After grafting, the roots of plants were multiplied by the number of roots, and more than 30% of nitrogen and potassium were absorbed in the same area, and more than 80% of phosphorus could be used.

5. Conducive to increasing production. Grafted seedlings of coarse leaves, can increase the yield of more than 4 percent. Tomato with late maturing varieties as rootstock, early maturing varieties for scion, not only retain the early maturity, and can greatly reduce the results of the period, increase the total output.

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