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Wide application of plastic crates in agricultural production
Jul 31, 2018

Wide application of plastic crates in agricultural production

Plastic crates are mainly used in China's industrial and agricultural, enterprise workshops, agricultural and sideline products market. We can see the plastic baskets everywhere. It not only can effectively guarantee the storage and transportation of goods, but also greatly improve the transportation efficiency of the industry and ensure the rapid and effective logistics delivery. Every customer wants the life of the plastic basket to be as long as possible, so that the cost of the investment can be reduced and the profit of the enterprise can be increased.

Plastic turnover crates currently used in a number of small commodity production and logistics applications, especially for the storage and transportation of food and small items. The plastic turnover basket has anti-folding, anti-aging, high bearing capacity, stretching, compression, tearing, high temperature and rich color. It can be used for food processing workshop turnover and can be used for finished product shipment and packaging. It is light, durable and stackable.

The stackable design of the plastic turnover crates greatly saves the transportation cost of the majority of users, and the lightweight characteristics of the plastic basket greatly reduce the labor intensity of the worker, saving physical strength and energy. Not only widely used as vegetable baskets, fruit baskets, dry goods turnover baskets, aquatic drain baskets, factory assembly lines, etc.

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