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Yubo Seed Trays are designed for reuse and durability.
Apr 23, 2021

Do you have headache due to the load-bearing capacity of seed tray? Yubo Seed Trays are designed for reuse and durability.

No need to double up your trays when carrying. Our seed trays won't break or warp during transportation like the ones you're used to. Our propagation trays will last you years to come, saving you money and the environment.

Load-bearing test

Yubo's professional quality inspectors implement total quality management.

一、Raw Material (High Impact Polystyrene)

1. Hand Inspection

hand in

2. Spot-Inspection


3. Raw Material Storage



1. Weight Inspection

2. Toughness Inspection


3. Defective Crushing

4. Qualified Tags



Marked the sign of "qualified inspection" then can be warehousing

Our company's keep the trays in a dry and cool place, to avoid the sunlight


We use a first-in first-out system to prevent long-term inventory backlog

We have enough stock for a long time to ensure the company's delivery speed


四、Pre-factory Testing

1. Open box inspection to second confirm goods item, weight

2. Bending the tray to test the tray quality

3. Check the quantity and the type, confirm that the shipping mark is pasted

Whether it's product experience or performance, YUBO strives for excellence all the time

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