Customer Care

Year 2021

One-Stop Service for Customer

Purchased products: plastic tray, plastic pallet container, attached lid container, fruit crate, plastic film

The client in New Caledonia is an end-user self-operated farm and mainly purchases materials and equipment for the farm. The customer has listed the procurement requirements and hopes that we can provide a unified quotation. We immediately start collecting the best and most suitable product information and quotations for our customers. After confirming the product details and price, we offered to use the method of grouping goods for transportation, which can save transportation costs to the greatest extent. The customer is very satisfied. After the first order is completed, the customer basically continues to purchase every year. There are old products and new ones will also be inquired. product.

Sometimes customers inquire about products that are not our main business, and we take the initiative to help customers purchase as an agent, and the product types involve metal products, mechanical tools, etc.

Year 2021

Third-Party Quality Inspection

The customer is a large logistics and transportation company in Indonesia, and they mainly buy our pallet boxes. The two parties established the business relationship by email, we first communicated with the customer about the detailed information about the product, and immediately sent the sample after confirming the demand. Please believe that although our price is not the lowest, we guarantee the best product quality and efficiency. YUBO's advantage lies in product quality.

The customer also agreed with this point of view after receiving the samples. After communication, he placed an order for the plastic pallet box (including the cover and wheels). YUBO strictly controls the product quality in every process of production. According to customer needs, we provide third-party inspection before shipment and issue a quality inspection report to give customers double protection. After the product arrived, the customer shared the video of the product being unloaded, and expressed the hope for continued cooperation in the future!

Year 2020

Customers Visit Our Factory

Since 2018, Yubo has cooperated with well-known Indian logistics companies. At first, we received an inquiry from the customer procurement team for pallet boxes on the official website. After communication, we mailed 2 sets of samples for the customer to test, and the customer was very satisfied with the samples after testing. Due to the large variety and quantity of purchased products, the customer decided to visit.

At the beginning of 2020, the customer's CEO and purchasing assistant visited the factory. Due to the huge factory scale, orderly production line, professional team and high-quality products, customers have increased their trust in our company and factory. They placed a trial order of 20 sets on the same day, and ordered 550 sets when they returned to India. Now, they are one of our largest customers. Even now, this customer continues to place orders and maintain a good relationship with us.

Year 2020

LCL Saves Transport Cost

Purchase products: injection molding flower pots, blow molding flower pots, hanging pots, injection molding gallon pots, blow molding gallon pots

The client is a large landscape company in Panama. Since business interests include a wide range of products and services, our products fall within the scope of their needs. According to customer procurement requirements, we spent nearly a month collecting the best and most suitable product information and quotations for customers. Due to the large variety of products required, our sales staff proposed to use the method of joint shipment to save transportation costs. The customer was very satisfied and placed an order directly after receiving the samples to confirm the product details and quality.

Year 2019

Solutions for Distributors

In 2019, YUBO began to cooperate with large-scale distributors in the United States. The customers mainly sell agricultural planting container products. The first purchased product is a high-end seedling tray cover, requiring customized packaging: UPC and warning signs are pasted on plastic bags, customer logo is printed on cartons, and a carton is added in addition to the standard carton to prevent damage to the greatest extent. After receiving the goods, the customer is very satisfied with our products, and at the same time, asked us if we would like to be their long-term partner for purchasing in China, and we gladly accepted the proposal. After the first shipment arrived, the customer established a close relationship with us. Due to the reasonable price and high quality of YUBO products, subsequent customers continue to purchase. So far, the two parties have maintained a good partnership.

Year 2019

Cooperation Case With Grower

YUBO started working with Congolese cannabis growers, the first order was injection molded gallon jars. Due to the excellent product details and quality, we have received inquiries from customers and sent samples according to customer needs after quotations, and customers are very satisfied with Yubo's products. Soon after, the two sides confirmed the partnership. Professional sales staff and perfect after-sales service keep both parties in constant contact. Customers then shared photos of their feedback on starting to grow marijuana in injection-molded gallon pots and how the marijuana grew six months later. YUBO is committed to providing comprehensive product support and customer satisfaction. In 2019, customers began to purchase continuously.

Year 2018

New Product Customized Mold

A Thai customer centrally purchases 104-hole trays from our company for local distribution. Due to the special needs of the customer, our sales and related technical departments will issue design drawings to the customer after consultation. After several communications, we began to customize molds. We have rich experience in all aspects of new product design, mold manufacturing, production, proofing, sample debugging, and production. After the sample test passed, the customer was very satisfied, and then confirmed the bulk shipment. When the products leave the warehouse, according to the customer's requirements, provide supervision services and related reports.

After the new product was launched, the supply was in short supply, and then customers placed an average order of 40HQ per month, and then provided customized carton design.

Year 2018

Solutions For Amazon Dealer

The client is a large seedling container distributor in Saudi Arabia, who is also running an Amazon business. Since our products fall within their range of needs, we exchanged contact information with each other. First, they want to know more about our products. Because the customer is an Amazon dealer, we actively recommend custom packaging (5 seedling trays per pack), on which the customer's logo, pattern design, and barcode can be printed to help the customer promote the brand, and start sending samples after communicating the customization details in detail.

The customers were very satisfied with our samples, so they placed their first order (5000pcs Seedling Trays). Subsequent customers said that the sales of seedling trays after custom packaging were very good. In the second year, the customer gave us a larger order.