Quality Control

Quality Achieves Excellence

Designated third-party inspection is available upon request

Company Quality Inspection Process

1. Raw Material
YUBO has professional quality inspectors and complete quality inspection system. All raw materials must be strictly inspected when enter the factory. By observing the appearance of material (raw material is white), whether the smell is pungent, color is uniform, weight meets the standard, density is qualified, check various indicators and issue a test report, ensure that raw materials are qualified and store in the warehouse.

2. Semi-Finished Product
Company adhere to "quality first" and "customer first" policy, production implements total quality management, strictly controls every process of production. If there are damaged, poorly formed, unqualified thickness, or unqualified net weight during the production process, we will use crushing machines to properly dispose of defective and scrapped them.

Only semi-finished products that meet requirements and standards can enter the next process to continue production.

3. Finished Product
Strictly choose the best products. After the raw materials and semi-finished products are controlled step by step, our quality inspectors will conduct toughness test, load-bearing test, and weight measurement on high-quality finished products again. Inspection compliance, attach a qualified label and pack it into storage.

Our warehouse is dry and cool, avoid direct sunlight to prevent product from light aging. Company’s inventory is regional management, goods are first-in-first-out management concept, prevent long-term inventory backlog, ensure that each customer purchases products without  overstocked products.
Huge warehouse stores massive inventory goods to ensure fast delivery.

4. Delivery
Careful, elaborate, attentive, quality is always satisfied.
Before shipment, we will conduct pre-factory Inspection:
1. Unpacking, check the appearance and weight of cargo, avoid sending the wrong goods.
2. Quality review: load-bearing performance, flexibility inspection. If a problem product is found, it will be re-produced or exchanged for re-inspection, and the defective product will be reworked or destroyed.
3. Check the quantity and cargo model, after confirmation, affixed customer's logo, pallet packed, waiting for delivery.