1. Customized Color
High-quality color masterbatch raw materials, product color is bright, beautiful and fashionable, which conforms to the aesthetics of market and masses.
10 conventional color masterbatch raw materials, can be blended to produce countless colors to maximize meet customer needs.
Different colors can be used as distinction or decoration.

2. Customized Pattern
Customized printed brand logo and decorative pattern, we use screen printing process to present your customized needs at lowest cost and highest effect (cost-effective, durable, appearance), help customers achieve brand promotion and maximize sales influence.

3. Customized UPC
Customized UPC (Commodity Barcode: compliance with commodity export standards). Our professional technical personnel have rich experience to ensure that UPC printing colors are uniform and clear, paste code is regular and unified, decoding is very good, information reflection is accurate, complete and fast, users are more convenient and standardized to use, and can better track inventory.

4. Customized Package
1. Carton can be printed with logo, pattern, product information, corporate information, etc., to help realize the brand effect.
2. Solutions for distributors: products are individually packaged: 5 pack, 10 pack, etc. Facilitate your direct sales and market brand awareness promotion and occupation


According to accumulation of a large number market research and customer demand feedback, our R & D department (50 people):
1. Continuously optimize products (save costs, improve efficiency, solve industry pain points directly)
2. Develop new products (according to new needs of industry development, we provide new supply)

Enable customers to obtain the best quality products and the best return on investment, achieve a win-win cooperation, and to be the most solid backing for customers.

At the same time, we can custom mold and design according to customer needs.
We have rich experience in all aspects, whether it's from mold building, design, production, proofing, prototype debugging, and put into production. Yubo is a manufacturer you can completely trust in terms of products and technology.

In short, YUBO provides one-stop service. For inquiry, please contact our technical/support team.