Air Root Pruning Containers Related Knowledge

Air root pruning pot is a seedling cultivation method that has become popular in recent years. Its main advantages are fast rooting, large rooting volume, high seedling survival rate, convenient transplanting, and can be transplanted all year round, saving time and effort, and high survival rate. 

The composition of the root container
Air pruning pots are composed of three parts: chassis, side walls and insertion rods. The design of the chassis has a unique function in preventing root rot and taproot entanglement. The side walls are alternately concave and convex, and there are small holes at the top of the convex sides, which have the function of “air shearing” to control roots and promote the rapid growth of seedlings.

root air pot2

The role of controlling the root container
(1) Root-enhancing effect: The inner wall of the root-control seedling container is designed with a special coating. The side walls of the container are alternately concave and convex, and there are pores on the protruding top of the outside. When the seedling roots grow outward and downward, and come into contact with the air (small holes on the side walls) or any part of the inner wall, the root tips stop growing, and ” Air pruning” and inhibiting unwanted root growth. Then 3 or more new roots sprout at the back of the root tip and continue to grow outward and downward. The number of roots increases in a series of 3.
(2) Root control function: pruning the lateral roots of the root system. Root control means that the lateral roots can be short and thick, develop in large numbers, and be close to the natural growth shape without forming entangled roots. At the same time, due to the special structure of the bottom layer of the root-controlled seedling container, the roots growing downward are air-trimmed at the base, forming an insulating layer against waterborne bacteria at the bottom of the container 20 mm, ensuring the health of the seedlings.
(3) Growth-promoting effect: Root-controlled rapid seedling cultivation technology can be used to cultivate older seedlings, shorten the growth period, and has all the advantages of air shearing. Due to the dual effects of the shape of the root-controlled seedlings and the cultivation medium used, during the growth and development process of the root system in the root-controlled seedling container, through “air pruning”, short and thick lateral roots are densely covered around the container, providing a good environment for the rapid growth of the plant. conditions of.

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Selection of Air pruning containers
The choice of container should be determined based on the growth habits of the seedlings, the type of seedlings, the size of the seedlings, the growth time of the seedlings and the size of the seedlings. The container should be selected reasonably without affecting the growth of the seedlings.


Post time: Jan-19-2024