Growing Strawberries in Gallon Pots

Everyone likes to grow some green plants at home. Strawberry is actually a very good choice, because it can not only enjoy beautiful flowers and leaves, but also taste delicious fruits.


When planting strawberries, choose a shallow pot, because it is a shallow rooted plant. Planting in pots that are too deep can lead to root rot. It is also a waste of nutrient soil. Shallow-rooted plants, that is, need to be planted in a wide-mouthed and shallow flower pot, you can choose a chunky gallon pot

Strawberries like enough light, so when we grow strawberries on the balcony at home, we need to put the strawberries in a well-lit environment for maintenance. Adequate light is conducive to flowering and fruiting. Insufficient light, strawberries grow thin and weak, branches and stems are leggy and so on. It will also affect the taste of strawberries, which are more sour and less sweet.

After planting strawberries, you do not need to water every day. Generally, wait until the soil is dry before watering. Every time you water, you need to water thoroughly, so as to keep all the roots able to absorb water, so that the phenomenon of dry roots will not appear.

Growing strawberries on a home balcony is a lot of fun, come and try it!

Post time: Jan-26-2024