Mushroom Grow Tent Kit Still Air Box

YUBO launches garden greenhouse still air box fungus mushroom grow kit. The Still air box is a lightweight, portable, self-contained workspace that reduces your risk of exposure to harmful contaminants. Still air boxes are commonly used in microbiology to process cultures, grow cells, or prepare embryo samples. They can also be used for mushroom production and spore growth, and can be used as mushroom grow tents. Operating your grow in a still air box will limit the plant’s contact with other microorganisms in the air, thus increasing your overall success rate.


【High Quality】 ​Our mushroom growing tent is constructed from thickened PVC material, offering waterproof and wear-resistant properties. Its high transparency facilitates closer observation of mushroom growth and helps you record the growth process of mushrooms.

【Flexibility】Foldable design, it can be assembled into a complete growth laboratory space in just a few minutes, effectively preventing external air pollution. It can be folded and stored when not in use and does not take up much space.

【Easy to Open】Zipper design can be used to open or close the doors on both sides, providing simple and convenient installation and removal, allowing you to easily place items of various sizes. Also easy to clean and reusable.

【Elastic Arm Ports】They are made of soft elastic fabric that seals arms comfortably. It allow users to withdrawor insert arms quickly while maintaining a concealed environment.

【Widely used】Sealed organisms have a high sealability and are very suitable for inoculation in agar dishes, liquid culture, plant tissue culture, and mushroom materials. They can also be used as an inflatable structure for storage and transportation when not in use as a mushroom subchamber, mushroom growth chamber, or mushroom growth tent.

Post time: Jan-26-2024