Plastic Pallet Crate Processing and Forming Steps

Plastic pallet boxes are strong and durable, and their production level is constantly improving. They are now widely used in lightweight products. Plastic pallet containers also have the characteristics of high compressive strength, good tensile properties, acid and alkali resistance, and easy erosion, and have won the favor of the majority of users. So do you know how this product is processed and produced? Next, let’s take a look at the processing and molding steps of this product.


The first is the material selection. At present, the main material is polyethylene, and the finished products made of this material have strong impact resistance. Therefore, plastic pallet crates can withstand the impact of placing heavy objects and also have good environmental adaptability. Even at low temperatures, it can still maintain good condition and avoid aging and cracking. At the same time, due to its relatively stable chemical properties, it also has excellent performance in insulation.

The next step is to use the mold for compression. At present, the main method is to use mold clamping equipment for direct compression, then inject resin into the pallet, then heat the pallet box at high temperature, and then put it into the mold. In this process, The heating speed needs to be reasonably controlled, which is usually accomplished through plastic filling.

Then there is the injection molding process. The main process is to pour the material in a molten state from the gate of the mold. After that, it will fill the inner film through the runner, go through the relevant cooling process and then shape it, and then perform the molding on the template. deal with. After such processing, the initial plastic pallet container can be made to facilitate the next step of processing.

Finally, molding processing is required. In actual production, plastic pallet containers mostly use a one-time molding method. Because the molding speed is relatively fast, the requirements for the staff’s operating skills are relatively strict. In addition, after it is formed, the product needs to be inspected to ensure the quality of the finished product.

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Post time: Apr-26-2024